snow day!

Don’t I wish! I remember the days as a child when school would be cancelled and we’d get to stay home watching mid-day cartoons, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and basically driving my poor mom crazy – those days are long gone, but we can always hope and reminisce, right?

Today is going to be a snowy one, though!

And a cold one, too! (Sidenote: how often is my iPhone fully charged!? Go me!) They’re (whoever “they” are) saying that we’re supposed to get about 5 inches today!

Last night was comprised of shells n’ cheese, pinot noir, Modern Family and New Girl. Best two shows on TV, in my opinion. They are amazing!

Paul and I got so many laughs about this video (please ignore that it’s somehow inverted? Who knows how that can happen!)

Cracks me up every time. “Driving moccasins.”

Today is going to go by fast (positivity!) and I finally get to go have my hair cut and colored – it has been too long! And then later, one of the local bars here called Donnely’s Pub is having a “Tap Takeover” where they are replacing all of their regular draft beers with all New Belgium beers! Amazing. Can’t wait!

Tater says it’s the WEEKEND! Time to play!


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