Good morning! So sorry for my absence the last few days! I feel like I have been going at a million miles per hour, but in a great way.

Last week, I went to Des Moines for work. From there, I met up with some friends and headed to CHICAGO! I had forgotten how much I truly love that city – I don’t think I could actually live there, but visiting is so. much. fun. every time!

We went to celebrate my friends’ bachelorette party, and wow did we have a blast! My friend is not your typical bachelorette in that she didn’t want a super crazy, ridiculous and trashy bachelorette party, so we did a bunch of other fun things instead. Don’t get me wrong, we still had a ton of typical things, just nothing blow-up, phallic-shaped or embarrassing. Juuuust the way I like it.

Here are a few shots from the weekend:

View from our hotel balcony at the Radisson Blu

Fun restaurant called Carnivale – great food, awful service.

myself, Tasha and Mere at Meli Cafe – fabulous!!

It was a wonderful weekend! I’m so thankful to have been invited and to spend time with some wonderful, fun, spectacular ladies.

This week is going to be another busy one – back to Des Moines tonight and hopefully some fun news to share!

Have a great day!


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