big news

Good morning!

I am so excited to share some big news in my life (not that I haven’t been alluding to it every five minutes) . . . buuuuuut:


I am so excited about it and think it’ll really be a great fit for my skills. It’ll be a combination of internal marketing, external marketing, event planning, employee relations, etc. All things that I am relatively good at – I just can’t wait.

The opportunity fell into my lap a few weeks ago to work for this company – it is about 15 minutes from where I live. A few months back, the company I have worked for did some work for my new company and I ended up getting along great with the company’s CEO while we were working. It’s a long story, but eventually, I interviewed and was offered the job! I really believe this is where I’m meant to be and that the effort I put into doing good work for this company in the past really paid off.

Everything happens for a reason. Whether you believe it or not (and I am just coming around to believing it myself), it’s worth thinking about.

I am extremely excited to start this new chapter of my life and celebrated by buying myself this bracelet to commemorate the new beginning.


Totally justified, right? 😉

I think so!

Anyway, thanks for your patience with me as I make this transition – the posts might be fewer while I get adjusted, but I promise to stay active with this.

CHEERS to a new beginning!


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3 Responses to big news

  1. kate hein says:

    cheer indeed and so so so deserved! beyond proud of you and cannot wait for this new and exciting adventure. love you to the moon! -ktm

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